Social Distancing No.11

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Bliss Box, curated, one of a kind, gift Box!

  • All the fun DETAILS!!

    ~Studio Bliss Cotton, Take me to the Trees TEE, choose size

    ~Arboretum Chart  Printed on signature Italian archival paper. Perfect for wrapping, framing as posters and other creative endeavors.20 x 28

    ~1803 Soy Candle;Amber Woods. Close your eyes and soak in the mingling of precious oils; golden amber, earthy sandalwood, bergamot, milky musk and sweet patchouli...  6.5 Oz. 35 hour bunrm time

    ~One Canoe Two set of 6 Washi tapes 

    ~Studio Bliss custom Charm Necklace. Antique brass chain with Charm catcher holding 6 Charms

    ~Wooden Hair Clip Set

    ~Washed and dyed Bandana