Hello there! We are so happy you found us here online!


Studio Bliss is an occasional cottage shop, full of pretty things.
Allowing us time to create and curate our ever changing collection and supply of unique finds and hand made designs, for sprucing your wardrobe and feathering your nest.

Open Days~ 

Watch our Social Media pages on face book and instagram for our Studio Bliss shop open dates. We travel the countryside setting up shop at weekend pop up shops and open our doors on Pennell Street for our local customers when ever we are available!!!



I have been "Gypsy" peddling my "goods" for over 25 years now. LOVE it. Think it is forever in my blood. From market, pop up shows, booth spaces and craft and vintage stores,  Wholesale markets and boutique shops, & in true gypsy style, selling wholesale out of the back of my car to shopowners.  Teaching workshops in shops, quilt quilds and out of my home.  About 15 years ago my little Tattered Treasures business opened up a little shop "Grandmama's House" In a tiny, very old cabin in Providence Utah. It was so exciting...we worked and worked on the cabin, and filled it to the brim with 15 or so artistsans, handmade everything. Opening just a few weeks out of the year.  I remember the first time we opened how shocked I was when we had lines of people! It was so much fun and I had so many dear friends & family who put in so much into making our little shop take off.  

Only a couple years into this new venture, I met my sweetheart,  Mr. Bliss.  I am a very lucky girl to have his SUPPORT and HELP in all that I do.  We married, moved to Illinois & then here to Missouri. We had lots of babies along the way, 6 children In total.  Life is BLESSED & busy as Momma Bliss.  I've loved to have been able to work in my home and have a creative outlet. As my baby starts all day kindergarten I am starting this new venture!



As I have written this I realize this 'About' page that I have been putting off, is more for me than anyone else!

So, read on if you like!

It has been so much fun to think and remember so many people who have inspired and encouraged me.  I remember my beloved great-grandmothers Minnie and Nanny. I spent hours and hours with them. Minnie taught me to sew and to use everything. She was amazing & to me, was the queen of thrift and DIY. Minnies mother had a hat shop. She made and sold the hats, and lived with her family upstairs. I remember the hat frames Grandma Minnie had in her closet and would tell me about them and how her mother would make the hats.

Nanny lived near my family, for a time right next door.  My uncle called her our little cosmopolitan Grandma. She worked in retail & had a little fancy streak.  She had the coolest collections of vintage jewelry.  She had a drawer that really sparkled. She kept everything in the little boxes they came in. One little bracelet she gave me has the hotel label which it was purchased from on it. I love the box almost as much as the jewel inside!  

Then there are my grand-mothers Carol and Lucy. They are both still here & they're both still really cool. Carol is the supreme queen housekeeper. I will never be like her this way. However...she gave me a standard to strive for. And, she is a seamstress. She can fix any thing to fit better & look better. She is a snazzy little grandma herself & has a still has a pretty sharp fashion sense. She nurtured my dreams by letting me open my first shop in her little cabin. Lucy is an artist. She is smart and is and accountant also. But, to me she is an artist. She gave me the most amazing drawings that she created from bakery boxes & crayon when she was 13-15 years old. And, an unfinished quilt top that she drew the pictures for and then embroidered and handpieced while she was pregnant with my dad. She is an amazing artist. I wish she had been able to have had more time with her talents in this area. I know it would have brought her much joy. 

Then, there is my Mother. She gave me a love for all things beautiful, especially in nature & simple things. She is so thoughtful & giving. She is a hard worker and and with 7 kids, me being the oldest, 17 at the time she went to nursing school and  Graduated! She now works as a full time nurse and a weekend "picker". Saturday mornings you'll find her snooping out some garage sales wherever she may be that weekend.  She IS creative and has a decoraters eye. She loves to give pretty, thoughtful, little gifts. 


Each of their talents and stashes, were a part of my craving to "make" & create and to Remember.  In addition to these important women. I have met some of the most amazing, creative, giving, kind people & friends. 

I like nice people who make cool things!